Design-led Florist

In Mallorca

Having studied fashion at university I discovered floristry by chance and was instantly drawn to the possibilities I could create with the textures, form and colour that each flower offered. I established my floristry business, Ruby Bloom, in the UK over 15 years ago with an interior design-led focus and recently decided to move to Mallorca to work as a wedding florist.

Wedding Florist

In Mallorca

Our developed style, lends itself perfectly to creating relaxed, nature inspired wedding flowers. Taking inspiration from the countryside, wild meadows and woodland flowers and foliages. This whimsical use of materials works equally well against the breathtaking, rustic architecture of traditional Mallorcian fincas and modern villas alike.

Dried Flowers

In Mallorca

Dried flowers have become extremely popular recently as not only do their aesthetics look relevant right now but they are also a much more sustainable option due to their incredible longevity. Considering dried wedding flowers is the perfect solution for any couple who are mindful of the environment with the added bonus of being able to enjoy your wedding flowers for many years to come.

Freelance Florist

In Mallorca

As well as working on my own floristry projects I love to work with wedding planners and other florists in Mallorca on a freelance basis. If you have a big job and and need an extra pair of hands just let me know.

Flower Gallery

Floral displays that I’ve recently created

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